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Guess the fruit

From left and then the bins clockwise:

  • while cylinder-y things: coconuts
  • giant spiky things: durians (fun fact – durians are banned in some countries because of their foul smell!)
  • top left bin: sugar cane segments
  • top row second from left: spote green
  • top row third from left: dragon fruit (red) and a lone cherimoya with netting around it (brown)
  • top row fourth from left: um, I’m not sure
  • top row far right: green mangoes (I think?)
  • bottom row far right: starfruit
  • bottom row second from right: I still don’t know this one
  • bottom row third from right: cactus leaves
  • bottom row fourth from right: kiwano melons
  • bottom row fifth from right: pepino melons (yellow) and a few lonely passion friuts (brown)


This fountain is in the middle of our tea garden. I often walk Nano near it so its sound will mask the sounds of other tenants and dogs who might distract her from her goal.

Blue #2

Like the building across the street in Blue #1, these pretty blue roof tiles are also on an Uwajimaya-owned building — ours. They’re so clean and shiny and well-kept! The sidewalk and red roof below are on 5th Avenue South.

Storefront: A piece of cake

Sometimes we stop at this little Hong-Kong-style bakery after dinner.

Uwajimaya dragon

Except for the head, this dragon is made up of hanging nylon discs that curve across the store.

Guess which apartment is ours

Storefront: King’s Barbecue House


I’m not actually sure what this thing is, but it sure is Japanese. In case you don’t pick up the scale, this is actually about fifteen feet tall.

In the tea house

This shot was taken from the “tea house” (which is indistinguishable from a gazebo as far as I can tell) in our garden courtyard.

Blake’s building… for now

Blake’s office is located just above the protrusion on the right side of the building (on the fifth floor). In about six weeks, he’ll move to the new Amazon campus near South Lake Union (where most of the company is located already, I’m told). It’s only a few miles from here and a shuttle runs there conveniently from right outside our doorstep.